Some people laugh when they hear I have a degree in rhetoric. It sounds like I'm trained to bamboozle and deceive. But rhetoric, in its truest sense, is simply the art and craft of using language effectively. I know how words work, so I can employ them well.


I received my undergraduate and law degrees from U.C. Berkeley. I passed the California Bar Exam in 1994 and almost immediately joined the editorial staff at Nolo Press, where I became a senior editor and managed a variety of plain-English law projects until 2017. For almost a decade, I was the lead editor of Nolo's bestselling estate planning software, Quicken WillMaker. I also wrote and edited dozens of books and other publications for Nolo.


I have also worked as a writer, editor, or consultant for a diversity of clients, from a federal court to a pioneer in the local food movement, from practicing attorneys to nonprofits for the arts. In addition to writing and editing books, my jobs have included grant writing, developing forms for use in print and online, blog and article writing, web design, social media management, and more.