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Shae worked as a grant writer and communications consultant for the Sustainable Economies Law Center, and we received consistently clear, engaging, and flawless grant proposals and other writings. It was easy to put projects into Shae's hands and relax, knowing she'd deliver excellent work. Additionally, we benefited greatly from her editing skills, which made us inclined to have Shae edit everything we wrote ourselves. It was also generally delightful and fun working with Shae!


Janelle Orsi, Executive Director, Sustainable Economies Law Center


Shae Irving has been invaluable to our business. Her writing skills, particularly the voice with which she writes, gave shape and substance to who we are. Her attention to detail helped us successfully weather the process of becoming a fully-licensed cannery in the face of substantial bureaucratic confusion. She has that rare blend of artistic vision and perfect pragmatism. Everyone on our team enjoyed working with her immensely, particularly the interns for whom she provided direction and inspiration. Personally, she remains a valued thought partner. If I need to bounce ideas around, Shae always provides the insight that makes the difference.


Merrilee Olson, CEO, PRESERVE Farm Kitchens

Shae is one of the best editors a programmer could have. She is able to describe legal concepts and plan new areas of our software in a way that makes programming them straightforward, which is no easy task. She listens to suggestions we programmers make and grasps the technical issues we present. Her writing for our software products is always excellent. I only wish she could clone herself!


Mikey Sexton, Senior Developer, Nolo

Shae’s writing and editing is of the highest quality: clear, concise, accurate, and helpful. She can distill complex ideas and processes into accessible, friendly prose that encourages and supports the reader, avoiding both needless explanations and oversimplifications. 


Janet Portman, Executive Editor, Nolo

Shae is wonderful to work with. In addition to being very smart, she is a good listener, has great attention to detail, and follows through so things don't fall through the cracks. She is also very tactful and she has a good sense of humor. Her command of written English and her sensitivity to style make her a very fine editor and co-author. I am very grateful to have been able to work with her all these years.


Katherine E. Stoner, Attorney and Author

Thanks for assigning Shae as our editor. We have made great progress on our book and much of it is owed to her insight and enthusiasm. She has a nice sense of humor that helped all of us through some of the more trying times of the editorial process. We feel we are working together as a very effective team and are confident the final product will benefit Nolo and ourselves. Thanks for giving us a great partner.


Dennis and Martha Sargent, Authors, Retire -- And Start Your Own Business

When Shae is on a project, my directors and I know that we can count on what has been promised, and it is always done right. 


Ann Heron, Former Director of Online Development, Nolo

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