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Every power of attorney, wherever made or concerning whatsoever matter, may, on acknowledgment or proof of the same before any competent official, be registered in the county wherein the property or estate which it concerns is situate, if such power of attorney relate to the conveyance therof.




You must sign your power of attorney in front of a notary public. If your document grants power over real estate, you should file it with the register of deeds in the county where the real estate is located.






Consumers who selected a health or dental plan by January 15 should work with their health insurance plan carrier to pay their premiums to make sure their coverage begins February 1.




If you enrolled in a health plan by January 15 but haven't paid your first premium, contact your insurance provider. Paying your bill on time ensures your coverage will begin on February 1.






If the defendant or occupant has not so removed himself or herself upon entry of a judgment pursuant to section 47a-26, 47a-26a, 47a-26b or 47a-26d, and upon expiration of any stay of execution, the plaintiff may obtain an execution upon such summary process judgment, and the defendant or other occupant bound by the judgment by subsection (a) of section 47a-26h and the possessions and personal effects of such defendant or other occupant may be removed by a state marshal, pursuant to such execution, and delivered to the place of storage designated by the chief executive officer for such purposes.




If you've won an eviction lawsuit but the tenant refuses to move, ask the state marshal's office for help. A marshal can force the tenant off the property and deliver the tenant's belongings to a town-designated storage facility.

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