Where, Exactly, Does Connecticut Store Its Evicted Tenants?

The following language suggests that bad tenants can be put in storage with their property.

BEFORE: If the defendant or occupant has not so removed himself or herself upon entry of a judgment pursuant to section 47a-26, 47a-26a, 47a-26b or 47a-26d, and upon expiration of any stay of execution, the plaintiff may obtain an execution upon such summary process judgment, and the defendant or other occupant bound by the judgment by subsection (a) of section 47a-26h and the possessions and personal effects of such defendant or other occupant may be removed by a state marshal, pursuant to such execution, and delivered to the place of storage designated by the chief executive officer for such purposes. (Connecticut General Statutes § 47a-42(a).)

Here's my makeover:

AFTER: If you've won an eviction lawsuit but the tenant has refused to move, ask the state marshal's office for help. A marshal can force the tenant off the property and deliver the tenant's belongings to a town-designated storage facility.


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